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Editoriales del mundo

Editoriales Internacionales


  1. Amnesty International

  2. International Organization for Standardization (ISO)(English version)

  3. International Telecommunication Union

  4. Pan American Health Organization (PAHO-HQ)

  5. United Nations

  6. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

  7. World Bank

  8. World Health Organization

  9. World Trade Organization (WTO)


Editoriales de Libros Digitales 


Digital Book File

  1. AZU Press Digital
    "Online digital books in fiction, action, sci-fi, romance, children's, non-fiction and other genre. New authors and frequent new releases give readers continual new selections."

  2. Biblioteca Klemath
    "Digital Books Library, full of good books in Digital Book Format (DBF)!
    The great books of world literature, classic and new authors."

  3. Los Libros Digitales
    "Digital Books Publisher, a publishing house in digital book format, books to read on line, for new aspires writers and author."

Editoriales electrónicas 

  1. Adventure Books
    "Online electronic or E-books in fiction, action, sci-fi, romance, children's, non-fiction and other genre. New authors and frequent new releases give readers continual new selections."

    "Digital Publishers & Bookstore, full of good books!
    A selection of books to inform, amuse, surprise and delight you. Classics and new, offered for your reading pleasure at reasonable prices."

  3. AHS Publishing
    "Expose you novel to readers everywhere via the Internet.
    For a reasonable fee we will store your prose in our database where it can be accessed through the Internet. People can read short excerpts of your work, and if it piques their interest they can download the entire work at a modest cost which is passed on to you."

  4. Alexandria Digital Literature
    Hard to find stories and out-of-print books (fantasy and sci-fi).
    (HTML format)

  5. AppleBookshop
    "Applebookshop is a leading internet book seller and publisher. Virtual books, electronic books, digital books or e-books are full length books that can be downloaded directly to your computer for reading or printing."

  6. Avid Press
    Fresh Fiction for Avid Readers
    "We are a small press specializing in the books you want to read.  Avid Press offers both print and electronic versions of quality original works by talented authors."

  7. @Publish
    "A place on the web just for writers who want to give the world a chance to see what they hold so dear. Feel free to submit any article, poem, column, commentary, or piece of writing of any kind for approval."

  8. Awe-Struck
    "Tales for your mouse! You can download professionally authored and edited novels, nonfiction, and software at Awestruck prices. We publish and sell electronic books--books for the new century. E-book publisher and retailer. (HTML, Palm, and Rocket formats) "

  9. Baen Books
    Sci-fi and fantasy publisher that offers "WebScritptions" to its new releases (HTML, Rocket, Palm)

  10. BiblioBytes
    E-publisher. Free books to read online (HTML).

  11. Bookcase Angel ePublisher

  12. Booklocker
    E-book publisher/retailer of non-fiction and fiction.
    (PDF format)

  13. Boson Books
    "A Good Book Now! C&M Online Media Inc. is primarily a publisher of electronic books under the imprint Boson Books. Our books can be downloaded directly from our service in Adobe Acrobat format."

  14. Burning Press
    "Burning Press produces experimental/avant guard/exploratory poetry, visual literature, audio art, and intermedia, using any means necessary to forward the language arts & beyond.  WWWeb-based projects include the Cybpheranthology of Discontiguous Literatures; the Machine Made of Words online gallery, the WrEyeTings Scratchpad laboratory for computer-based visual poetries, and TapRoot Reviews.  Burning Press has also published over 75 books of poetry, by nationally known authors as well as Cleveland poets."

  15. Cecil Guy Productions
    "Welcome to Cecil Guy Productions, dedicated to bringing you the latest in emerging writing talent. Be sure to try our Brain Drain, a test of your dictionary skills."

  16. Clocktower Fiction
    "Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Noir and Suspense Fiction - Free Fiction and RocketEditions for Sale.
    Free to read novels and short stories, plus e-books for sale. Read fiction for the Rocket eBook, PDAs, and other devices. Exciting fiction since 1996. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Noir, and Suspense. MP3 audio books, book and movie reviews, steamy stories. C&C Clocktower Fiction is Brian Callahan and John Cullen."

  17. C & M Online Media
    "Online books, short stories, poetry, and drama in HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats. Don't forget to look for the freebies! Our books are offered in formats for hand-held readers through Rocket eBook (Barnes and Noble), SoftBook, and Librius (for Windows CE and Palm Pilot operating systems)."

  18. CyberText
    "CyberText Publishing publishes high quality business text books in cyberspace. We are one of the first commercial publisher of online business textbooks."

  19. Dark Star Publications
    "Online Publishers of Fine Speculative Fiction, offers novels of Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense in an electronic forum."

  20. Dead End Street
    "Dead End Street Publications is a multimedia publishing firm and a forum for literary works considered outside the mainstream.
    DES welcomes literary submissions of all types and genres."

  21. DiskUs Publishing
    Publisher of Leta Childers' The Best Laid Plans.

  22. Domhan Books
    "Publishers of Quality Fiction and Non-fiction in Hardcovers, Paperbacks, and E formats. An on-line publishing house for all genres of fiction and non-fiction.  Romance, historicals, thrillers, Christian,  science-fiction and fantasy, children's and more."

    "The premier source for electronic books. features downloadable electronic books in a wide variety of subjects. We also feature ecards, gifts and an author's corner. Authors and Publishers."

    An e-book retailer.
    (HTML, Rocket)

  25. Electric Works Publishing
    "We publish books in digital format (e-books), that do not require a special "reader" device, by new and experienced writers in fiction and non-fiction"

  26. ElectronPress
    "We Publish Books on the Internet. [...] Electron Press immediately downloads all purchases to you as Adobe Acrobat files. You use the free, industry-standard Acrobat Reader to view or print your books.

  27. Elibron

  28. e-pulp
    "e-pulp is original fiction novels sold on the Internet. New, fresh voices are represented. You can download books and read them off-line or print them.
    Currently, mystery and science fiction novels are available."

  29. Eraserhead Press "EH Press is an independent chapbook publisher of experimental fiction and poetry, mostly on the speculative side.

  30. Franklin Electronic Publishers
    "Franklin Electronic Publishers is the worldwide market leader in handheld electronic books, the popular BOOKMAN series, Rocket eBook, producer of ROLODEX Electronics PIMS, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Bibles, entertainment titles, education, tutorial publications, and medical reference products."

  31. Geneses Online Publishing
    Electronic books, Music, Art, Publishing

  32. Hard Shell Word Factory
    Electronic Books
    "Hard Shell Word Factory features books on disk or download.
    Great stories by established and new authors."

  33. ibooks, inc.
    "The best of the future. The best of the past.  Your source for e-books"

    Publish your manuscript for a fee, participate in online writing classes

  35. jacobytE books
    "A new electronic publishing company. Currently accepting submissions. Jacobyte Books publishes quality books in electronic format, available as downloads, on diskette, on CD, in e-book formats."

  36. Keystone Project Corp.
    "E-Books - high quality electronic books. Our E-Books are in easy-to-read format. Great prices.
    Immediate Download. Free E-Books."

  37. LTD Books Online
    "LTDBooks is a royalty paying publisher of electronic books that are available as either a download or a book on disk."

  38. Mission Creep
    "Mission Creep is an online publishing venture. It was created to make the work of numerous writers & artists available to the online community"

  39. M-Pro
    "A bookstore where authors and writers can publish their work and receive a minimum of 50% of all revenue from the sale of their books."

  40. MSSRbooks

  41. National Information Services Corporation (NISC)

  42. Net Library
    "The provider of e-books"

  43. Neverbound
    "Fiction, Never Bound Books, Richest Man on the Planet, Online Books, War, Reading, Free Time, Entertainment, Reading Material, Jim Belcher, Free Book, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, rags to riches, Story, Novel, future"

  44. Nirvana Flats
    Spoken Word & Cyber Deviance
    "Bleeding edge writers and artists.
    Open submission and no class."

  45. Nitelinks

  46. Octavo
    "Octavo Corporation is a publisher of rare books and manuscripts through digital tools and formats. Photographed at very high resolution, Octavo Editions are released on CD as Adobe PDF files which can be searched, viewed on and printed from many computing platforms."

  47. One For The Road
    Consignment Books on Tape
    "Consignment Books on Tape, purchase and sell used audio books, earn 35% from each sale"

  48. Online Originals
    "The world leader in publishing on the web because of its elegant approach and stringently selected titles. A beguiling range of international writers.
    Founded in London in 1995, Online Originals is a worldwide publisher of literary e-books, operating entirely on the Internet (PDF, Palm, Rocket, and Pocket PC) ."

  49. Peak Interactive Books
    "An original publisher of interactive books using print, CD-ROM, and the world wide web"

    A division of
    " is dedicated to providing secure electronic publishing, distribution, and sales of high-quality fiction and nonfiction.
    Original Palm, Visor, and Windows CE e-publisher ."

    "We offer digital books that you can purchase and download directly to your computer or e-book instantly."

  52. Pubspage
    "Good authors can't get published, and chain bookstores stock only what sells. New technologies will usher in a world where authors can connect with their audiences and more people can make money from publishing."

  53. RAG Fiction Electronic Media
    First Edition Books/Stories

    Online Publishing

  55. Sagebrush and Cactus Books
    "Marketing Western e-books. Adventure rides again! Affordable e-books and Printed books."

  56. SoftBook Press
    "Electronic books and secure eBook-based document distribution solutions"

  57. Storyteller UK!
    "internet publishing website for authors"

  58. TeleRead
    "Bring the E-Books Home"

  59. The Virtual Book Publishing Co.

  60. Virtual Publications
    "Digital Books for Book Lovers.
    Dedicated to providing quality. Books worldwide through the Internet."

    Your Source for XC-lent eBooks & More!

  62. Xlibris
    Self-publish both paperbacks and e-books.

  63. Worldwide Editions
    "New literature published via the internet
    A publishing company supplying books electronically via the internet is now starting at this site. Texts published by Worldwide Editions will challenge conventional literature and will include the avant-garde and the academic."

  64. ZEUS Publications
    "On line e-book store and publisher"


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