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  1. ABC Shop (Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  2. ABK Publications

  3. Aboriginal Studies Press

  4. accessED State government producer and distributor of education products and services from preschool to year 12.

  5. Adams & Austen Press Pty. Ltd. Educational Publishers - Specialising in IELTS Practice Materials.

  6. Airavata Press

  7. Alkimos

  8. ALIA Publishing

  9. Allen & Unwin

  10. Anglican Education Commission

  11. Anstat Pty Ltd. An Australian company which has positioned itself to become the leading supplier in the English speaking world of value added regulatory information.

  12. Architecture Media Australia

  13. Asia Pacific Press Asia Pacific Press is a specialist publisher based at the Australian National University in the Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management.

  14. Associated Publishing Corporation

  15. Aurora Australis

  16. Ausmed Publications

  17. Australasian Medical Publishing Company Limited

  18. Australasian Reference Publications

  19. Australian Archives

  20. Australian Academic Press

  21. Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  22. Australian Bureau of Statistics

  23. Australian Consolidated Press

  24. Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

  25. Australian Film and Television School

  26. Australian Institute of Criminology

  27. Australian Publishers Association

  28. Baird Publications

  29. Blake Education

  30. Blackwell Science Asia

  31. Boiling Billy Publications Established in 1995 with a goal to publish Australian travel guides that are current, accurate and affordable. Our guides are designed to be user friendly and packed full of essential information so readers can get the most out of their travels. Our commitment is to continuously update information and produce revised editions. That way you, the reader can be sure that every Boiling Billy guide and map contains the most recent information available.

  32. Bookman Press

  33. Brusden-White

  34. Butterworths Legal Information Center

  35. Capricornica Publications On-line natural history books. Searchable catalogue.

  36. Casper Publications Pty Ltd. Publishers of Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses bi-monthly magazine. Also publishers of specialist hydroponic books, videos, and software rpoducts for growers.

  37. Central Queensland University Press CQU Press is a Queensland regional publishing house jointly funded by Arts Queensland of the state government and Central Queensland University. We have a special focus on the arts and the cultural identity of the vast regions and the many communities of decentralised Queensland. We also specialise in joint venture publishing with shire councils, businesses and industries, community organisations and the media of regional Queensland.

  38. Centre for Information Studies at Charles Sturt University

  39. Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia

  40. Copper Leife Copper Leife is currently publishing its new softcover title, The Youngsters’ Book of Politics.

  41. Craft Moods Independent publishers of simple, practical Australian craft patterns and craft books; Paragon crochet and Paragon knitting publications.

  42. CSIRO Publishing

  43. Currency Press

  44. Curriculum Corporation

  45. DBZ Publishing

  46. De Proverbio: An Electronic Book Publisher

  47. Desdichado Publishing

  48. Dreamstone Publisher and Distributor of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Space Art and Art Books.

  49. Educorp Publishers of the A-Frame online assessment tool. Now all educators can create their own multimedia tests and have the correction and reporting done for them.

  50. Era Publications Publisher of quality children’s literature (picture books), primary school education resources (supplemetary) and multimedia reference and literacy education for young children. Authors and illustrators are almost exclusively Australian; most illustrators are resident in South Australia. The delivery format for publication now includes digital as well as print systems.

  51. Eruditions Publishing Unique latest technology publisher of upper level university textbooks especially in business computing and psychology.
    email: publisher@eruditions.com.au

  52. Etchings Press An Australian based independent publishing firm, focusing on sensual and erotic literature for women and couples.

  53. Exploding Art Music Productions Specialises in musical scores for synthesizer performance, music education resources, and music on CD.

  54. Fast Books

  55. Federation Press The Federation Press is an independent, Australian-owned and run publishing company specialising in legal, social and academic books.

  56. Firmware Group

  57. Fremantle Arts Centre Press

  58. gangan publishing

  59. Greater Glider Productions

  60. Heinemann

  61. Heinemann Interactive

  62. Hodder Headline Australia Trade and educational publisher.

  63. Hot Rod Handbooks

  64. IMMEDIA! Best known for its printed and online industry directories. The AustralAsian Music Industry Directory published each January and July since 1988 comprises listings from 20 Asia and Pacific music markets and published its 24th edition in January 2000. The Australian Sports Industry Directory, launched in 1995 with its fifth edition of comprehensive sport and sporting businesses published in April 1999.

  65. INFOCIS Pty Ltd

  66. irrePRESSible Press Printer and publisher of fiction with a social edge.

  67. Jacaranda Wiley Ltd.

  68. Jacobyte Books An electronic publisher of fiction and non-fiction. Books are available in standard ebook formats.

  69. James Nicholas Publishers International publisher of journals and books in education and social sciences.

  70. JJB Publishing

  71. Law Book Publishing Company

  72. LBC Information Services The leading publisher of legal information for legal practitioners, students and other professionals in Australia.

  73. Letgo Publishers Publishers of self-help and self-improvement books.

  74. Life on Paper

  75. Light Railway Research Society of Australia Inc. The Light Railway Research Society of Australia Inc is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 1961. Its purpose is to encourage interest into specialised railways, both past and present, and the industries they have served.

  76. Lioncrest

  77. Little Hills Press Publisher of travel guides.

  78. Lovatts Publications Established in 1978, Lovatts Publications has developed into Australia's leading crossword and puzzle publishing company, with a range of twelve crossword and puzzle titles all in the top 160 selling magazines.

  79. Macmillan Publishers Australia Pty Ltd

  80. Majellan Publications Publisher of Majellan Magazine.

  81. Margaret Hamilton Books Margaret Hamilton Books is one of Australia's few publishers specialising in children's books.

  82. McGraw-Hill Australia

  83. Mehring Books

  84. Melbourne University Press

  85. Mintleaf Publishing

  86. Monash University Electronic Press (elecpress) elecpress is a project designed to facilitate scholarly electronic publishing by the Monash community.

  87. Mopoke Publishing

  88. Mushroom Music Publishing Independent music publisher.

  89. Narkaling

  90. National Archives of Australia Holding on to our history that’s what the National Archives of Australia does. We care for valuable Commonwealth Government records and make them available for the present and future generations to use. The records trace the events and decisions that shaped the nation.

  91. National Library of Australia Publications

  92. Oceans Enterprises

  93. Of Primary Importance Pty. Ltd.

  94. Online Teachers' Resource Network

  95. The Oracle Press

  96. Outback Books Publisher of Australian bush literature and stories of battlers, pioneers, and life in the outback.

  97. Oxford University Press

  98. Pan Macmillan Australia

  99. Paradigm Press Pty Ltd. Publisher of technical manuals in electromagnetic compatibility, interference, and related topics.

  100. Pascal Press

  101. Penguin Australia

  102. Pioneer Books Small publisher of books that merit publication, but are not commercially attractive. We publish what major publishers cannot afford to.

  103. Pipeline Publications Australia Pty Ltd. A pipeline industry newsletter, magazine and directory publisher. It services the major oil & gas, slurry and water cross-country pipeline industry.

  104. Pluto Press Australia

  105. Power of Love Publishing Publisher of romance fiction.

  106. Powerhouse Publishing

  107. Radical Wombat Collective We are publishers of books, videos, compact discs and CD-roms for educational use. We also produce a range of image based items.

  108. Random House Australia

  109. Red House Editions

  110. Reed Books

  111. R.I.C Publications

  112. Rigby

  113. Rural Press Limited

  114. Rus Publishing Before the Burning Times released April 2000 - A multi-disciplined macro-study - Rediscovering the lives, beliefs and deaths of the witches, pagans and heretics.

  115. Ryebuck Swaggie Press Catering for a world of readers. Learn about our new publication, "Internet Liaison", a true story that reads like a novel. A romantic love story, an erotic journey that will leave you wanting more.

  116. Sally Milner Publishing Australia's leading publisher of craft books. We also publish a range of health titles, some history gift and children's titles. We publish 20 new titles a year, on average.

  117. Saraband Music Music publisher.

  118. Scholastic Australia Pty Limited Publisher of books about writing, poetry collections and short stories.

  119. Software Educational Resources Pty Ltd. Publishers of step-by-step software training manuals, explaining the latest spreadsheets, word processors and other office computer applications.

  120. Spica Publications We publish new editions of old Astrology books which we have typeset, as well as facsimiles of old Astrology books.

  121. State Library of New South Wales Press

  122. Steve Parish Publishing

  123. Stewart Victor Publishing Publishers of books by Michael Newman, including Maeler's Regard: Images of Adult Learning.

  124. Sybylla Feminist Press

  125. Text Media Group Products range from magazines to glossy newspapers to directories and books. Text Media is committed to creating media that is different.

  126. Therapeutic Guidelines Limited

  127. Thorpe

  128. University of New South Wales (UNSW) Press

  129. University of Queensland Press

  130. University of Western Australia Press

  131. Victoria Law Foundation

  132. Victorian Writers' Centre The Victorian Writers' Centre produces three major publications: Write On, Handbook for Writers and the 1998 Supplement, Eat Tongue.

  133. Waiviata International Limited The prestigious "Welcome To" series of travel books brings the world to you in 14 superbly produced publications.

  134. Wakefield Press Specialising in South Australian culture and history.

  135. Walla Walla Press Division of Australian Sports Consultancy, publishes a range of new and previous titles on sporting history.

  136. Wild and Woolley

  137. Wildfire Publishing Publisher of wedding magazines.

  138. Winetitles

  139. Wizard Books

  140. Woodslane Pty Ltd

  141. WriteLight Photography, production, and publishing.

  142. WriteSpot Publishers International WriteSpot Publishers International are fiction publishers of all genres; crime, mystery, sci-fi, romance, horror, fantasy etc. Specialising in NEW authors. Unsolicited manuscripts and short stories accepted. All submissions receive a personal written assessment




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